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The William D. Squires Scholarship Application is now available for Seniors in the Class of 2017. 

William D. Squires had a dream to help students in his home state, the great state of Ohio.  His dream led to the creation of  The William D. Squires Educational Foundation in 1999.  It is a small non-profit family foundation, created solely to offer financial need-based undergraduate scholarships to Ohio seniors.

William D. Squires Scholarship applicants must be high school seniors from Ohio but may attend colleges outside of Ohio.  Our recipients are attending 30 different colleges with 11 at Ohio State University during the 2016-2017 school year.

The William D. Squires Scholarship is primarily financial need-based, but ideal applicants have already selected a career goal and are highly motivated to reach their goal.  The Scholarship Selection Committee also considers each student’s academic promise.

The number of scholarships has varied over the years but the award amount has remained consistent.  It is $3,000 the first year and is renewable up to $12,000!

If you are a senior in the Class of 2017, the scholarship application is available on the page for seniors.  It is free to apply and you will not be asked to register.   Seniors

There is also a special page for Guidance Counselors.

The Foundation began awarding scholarships in 2000.  William D. Squires was the Foundation’s major donor.  What a wonderful legacy.  Many people assume that William passed away prior to the Foundation’s inception. He actually witnessed the initial phases, including the selection process, and even the graduation of our first recipients from the Class of 2000.  About the Foundation  will answer questions about Mr. William D. Squires and give a brief history of this Foundation.

To date, a grand total of 249 students have received The William D. Squires Scholarship.  The names of our recent recipients from the Class of 2016 and all of our previous Recipients are available, along with their home town and the college where they began their undergraduate program.

Recipients are selected on an objective and non-discriminatory basis without regard to race, color, religion or gender.

Many of our William D. Squires Scholarship students have told us that it has made a huge difference.  Sometimes the scholarship is the deciding factor between which school to attend or whether they can live on campus and enjoy the full college experience.  Sometimes it simply means less work and more study time.

It is truly a joy to help our recipients follow their dreams.  We hope to continue awarding scholarships for many years.

Reach for the sky!
Reach for the sky!